Joy to the World
the zing is back

Joy to the World
the zing is back

Just launched!


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From The House Of Joy Ice Cream

Just launched!


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Joy Ice Cream

Joy Ice Cream was set up in 1948 by L. C. Java, a London returned mining graduate, and some associates. The company started out in Bombay, and holds the distinction of being the first to industrially manufacture and market ice creams in India.

From its inception, Joy ensured that its products were affordable to people of all strata of society. Yet, high quality was never sacrificed either. An instance of this can be seen in the implementation of the 1946 Heat Treatment Act of the U.K. in India in the 1960s which made it mandatory for all ice creams to be pasteurized and heat-treated.

Our Flavours

Cookie Mine

Coffee Toffee



Choco Island


Tender Coconut


The beginning

JOY’s Founder Late Shri L.C. Java, a B.Sc. Honors in Geology, and an assistant mines manager of Killick Nixon went to London for training in the Cornwall School of Mines. A series of mine accidents led him to opt out of the mining industry. He enrolled himself at Blackpool School of Food Technology where his course included a stint at the UK Ice Cream Alliances. After learning more about ice creams, and its manufacturing process, he came back to India to start JOY Ice Creams. Mr. Java leased the basement at Rhythm House in Kala Ghoda, for ₹12 a month and the first ice cream company of India was born.

7 Decades Of Joy!

The founders of Ice Cream manufacturing in India.

1948 is when India first experienced JOY, a year after its Independence!

No looking back...

Did you know who came up with a complete industrial franchising system in the country? No points for guessing!
This helped JOY reach farther corners of the country and today they have more than 22,000 stores operating in their name.